Electric Toothbrush Vs Manual Toothbrush – Which is Best?

Like many others, you may be wondering about the benefits of an electric toothbrush over a manual toothbrush. Whilst manual toothbrushes have long been the…

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Gingivitis – What is It?

Gingivitis is a common condition treated by dentists, and it is the earliest stage of gum disease. You will know if you have gingivitis as…

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Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a common complaint of patients visiting the dentist, and it can be a particularly perplexing problem especially when you drink plenty of…

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Conscious Dental Sedation: What Happens?

As the words suggest, Conscious Sedation means you remain conscious throughout the dental procedure and you can still respond to commands. However, your consciousness is…

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Never Ignore a Cracked Tooth

Cracked or chipped teeth are one of the more common dental complaints, and they can be caused by a number of reasons. Whilst minor cracks…

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Clear Aligners – A Discreet and Effective Orthodontic Treatment

Traditional braces have long been relied upon to correct malocclusion and other dental problems, but many people find them uncomfortable, unsightly and awkward to use….

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