If you are looking for a dentist that puts quality patient care first, then Sparkling Dental is for you. Our dental surgery is located around the corner from Cremorne and services regular patients from the surrounding suburbs and both visitors and workers in the city.

We put all our effort in to providing the best dental care for our patients so that every person leaves our dental clinic feeling confident they have been well cared for.

Being a dental practice near the heart of Sydney we like to provide our patients with all the services you need in one place, plus extras to make life easy. We offer a full range of dental treatments for general, cosmetic and after hours emergency dentistry plus:

We help you to make informed decisions in the best interest of your healthy smile. Our state of the art treatment plans are empowered by an experienced dentist with a wealth of experience.

Jenny Ling

Our treatments and surgeries are vast in their inclusion. We are able to perform all dental work in the following categories: Orthodontics, Invisalign, Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening, General Dentistry and Cosmetic Injectables.

Contact us for all additional information about our dental treatments and surgeries. We’re open 10 hours per day from Monday to Thursday and are open 9 hours on Friday, from 8am. We’re also open on Saturdays, notably from the hours between 8am and 1pm.