Prevention Beats a Cure

Preventative measures are vital to ensuring your long-term oral health. Small and consistent treatments can help to alleviate or avoid more intense dental issues in the future. Sparkling Dental provides a range of preventative treatments to safeguard your smile.

Clean & Polish

Your ‘twice a day’ routine is an excellent start to maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your teeth. But regular dentistry clean and polish is the only way to ensure your teeth are adequately free from the tartar, plaque and bacterial build-ups that cause tooth and gum issues. The end result of a good clean and polish also feels wonderful and enhances your smile by removing superficial stains.

Gum Maintenance

Gums are often overlooked when it comes to personal dental care. The importance of the gums and the maintenance of gum health cannot be stressed enough. Your gums are central to your entire oral health and need to be cared for accordingly. At Sparkling Dental we can provide individualised gum maintenance advice and programs so you can thoroughly care for your gums every day.

Oral Health

Oral health is a key element to our overall health. Sparkling Dental provide comprehensive treatments and advice to optimise your oral health. During your consultation with one of the professional staff, we will advise you on the most beneficial hygiene routines, dietary advice and aids to suit your specific needs.

Sensitive Teeth

Having sensitive teeth can be painful, restrictive and embarrassing. The discomfort of sensitive teeth can be attributed to many different dental issues, so it is important to have this issue thoroughly examined by a professional. Sparkling Dental can provide a range of treatment options to alleviate the effects of sensitivity in your teeth and advise on maintenance programs to help deal with this in everyday life.

Our Dental Hygienist, Mary Frei, talks about the importance of Oral Health, which is in fact a window to overall health.