Your Trust Invisalign Provider in Neutral Bay, Sydney

Do you or your children suffer from overcrowded or widely spaced teeth, crossbites, overbites or underbites? If so, then Invisalign is the treatment for you.

Regarded as the leading industry pioneer in invisible alignment procedures, Invisalign provides superior treatment for a range of teeth placement issues.

Sparkling Dental are proud providers of the superior Invisalign systems and treatments, providing our patients with the option of a beautiful smile without an extensive invasion into their daily appearance.

5 Easy Steps, To An Amazing & Healthy Smile

  1. Initial Consultation: First, you’ll come in to meet your dentist and tour our facility. Our dentist will assess your oral health and determine whether Invisalign will be suitable for you.
  2. Impression and Photos: Once we’ve determined that you’ll be a good fit for Invisalign, we’ll begin by taking a quick impression of your teeth. We will be taking a series of photos as well as x-rays.
  3. Treatment Plan: After your consultations, you’ll receive a treatment plan and we’ll send your simulated outcome to an Invisalign producer. We will design a before and after 3D video of the progress of the treatment for you to view and approve.
  4. First Visit: Once we have approved the video and received the aligners, you’ll come in for an initial fitting.
  5. Periodic Visits: You’ll come in for periodic aligner fitting, check-ups, and teeth cleaning schedule will continue as normal.

Before you know it, you’ll have the straight smile.

Invisalign Sydney Dental Treatment


Invisalign Before Crossbite


Invisalign After Fixed
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Is Invisalign Painful?

No! Most people report a feeling of slight pressure when they insert a new aligner for the first time. This typically goes away within 24 hours.

With Invisalign, there are also no wires unlike the traditional braces, which people sometimes complain can irritate the inside of their mouth.

Moreover, the aligners can be easily removed for cleaning and eating, which makes it easier to maintain oral hygiene.

How Invisalign Treatment Works