Re-think before you drink to care for your teeth


Picture yourself on a nice Caribbean island with a glass of wine.  Or better yet, a cocktail in your hand, or a fizzy drink with popcorn to watch your favourite movie.  Even Lemon Detox sounds like a good way to get a jump start on your summer body.  I bet it looks and tastes great, and you think it’s harmless.  Unfortunately, it is one of the main reasons why many people suffer from acid erosion.

Tooth erosion is best described as loss of tooth tissue; not causing any decay.  It is the wearing down of tooth structure, which can become very sensitive and give rise to many other problems. These adverse outcomes can include shorter teeth, fragile teeth, nerve damages, or even loss of a tooth!  There are ways to prevent this from happening, but you need to recognise the problem early and to act on it early.

What causes acid erosion?

Acid erosion is caused by substances which are in beverages such as fizzy drinks, most juices, or even from fruit alone.  The acid in these beverages and food break down the hard tissue of the tooth, causing it to become soft.  Unfortunately, once you lose this layer of tooth tissue, it is irreversible.  This means you will most likely have to fill the missing or worn down tooth with a filling material, or in the worst case scenario, it may need to be removed.

Many people don’t realize how severe acidic erosion can be and the effect it can cause.  Apart from acid erosion, there are other factors that can lead to tooth wear.  These include brushing too hard, brushing with a hard-bristled toothbrush, teeth-grinding or clenching, or a phenomenon called “abfraction”.   Abfractions are V-shaped grooves found just above the gum line.  They are not infections but the teeth “bend” at the necks of the teeth due to long term grinding/ clenching.


Book in for a check up if you are having any of these signs or symptoms or want to know how to protect your teeth from wear and tear.   We have many ways to accommodate you depending on the situation.