Splints for night grinding


Teeth grinding or bruxism is the habit of grinding/gnashing the teeth or clenching the jaw. It is very common and many are unaware as it occurs during sleep. Excessive grinding can damage teeth, causing chips, wear and cracks and well as produce Temporomandibular joint and muscle pain.

Luckily there is a device available to help alleviate symptoms of night grinding. An occlusal splint is made from a firm, durable material that is custom made for fit, comfort and protection. It provides a physical barrier between the teeth and guides the jaw into a neutral position. This can alleviate pain and damage caused by grinding.

Occlusal splints to maintain teeth costs around $1000 and can be a very important investment for those diagnosed with bruxism.

If you suspect you may need a splint for grinding come see us Sparkling Dental for an assessment.